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Which fidgeting type are you?

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

We believe that there are different types of fidgeters based on your sensory profile. Whilst not scientifically proven to our knowledge, the more common ones we come across clinically seems to be the twiddlers, the peelers/pickers, the tappers, the chewers, and the sensation explorers. Instead of fighting these urges (and failing nearly every time), we suggest accepting and embracing them, whilst sometimes replacing them with less distressing / socially awkward options that are preferably not marketed to 9-year olds.

The twiddlers often twiddle hair, strings, and facial hair, which can be distressing when it results in hair loss. Try replacing hair twiddling with various strings instead (e.g. attached to clothing), plastic strings, or wire puzzles.

Peelers / pickers are known to never leave labels on bottles, pick scabs, peel skin around nails, and generally dismember paper. To prevent skin injuries, try PVA glue that has dried on skin, cheap nail varnish, peel off stickers, or plasters.

Tappers have restless hands or feet and can usually get by with various clicker-based fidget-items, silent click-pens, a selection of interesting buttons to press, and keyboards.

Chewers are best identifies by gnarled nails, bite marks on strings, chewing gums, snacking, half eaten pencils, etc. To stop unhealthy snacking, consider healthier alternatives such as veggie sticks, chewing gums, and rubber strings.

Sensation explorers will enjoy random things for their texture. Are you someone who picks leaves off hedges to explore their texture and then shred them? Do you prefer certain materials or surfaces and are repulsed by others? If so, kinetic sand is for you. Also try various putties, and two colour pillows / pen cases.

We suggest that you identify your fidget type (or types) then place your fidget items around the house or at your work station so it is ready to pick up when your hands are temporarily idle. Please let us know if you have come across other brilliant fidget items that works for you or if you have any feedback on the categories.

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